Smart compliant actuators

  • Nominal torque 50Nm
  • Peak torque 80Nm
  • Range of motion 104 deg
  • Deflection +/- 20deg
  • Position/Force/Torque feedback
  • Nominal Voltage 24V
  • Power 70W
  • Communication EtherCAT
exoskeleton smart actuator

To operate safe and efficient, powered exoskeletons require a lot of engineering, motors, sensors and complex software.

SMARCOS actuators integrate all the components in a plug and play “black box” module.

The new generation of SMARCOS actuators include the Mechanically Adjustable Compliance and Controllable Equilibrium Position mechanism known as MACCEPA.

It allows to change the mechanical torsional stiffness of the smart actuator by simply rotating a screw. 

Already included

  • Mechanical parts
  • BLDC motor
  • Angular position sensors
  • Force/Torque sensor
  • Power and control electronics
  • Configurable Inputs/Outputs
  • Low Level Software
  • EtherCAT communication
  • CAN communication (optional)

NEW SMARCOS actuators on demand

The BLDC motor and the gearbox combination of the SMARCOS actuator can be selected to adapt the velocity and torque requirements of your project.


Rehabilitation devices

Active Prostheses 


End Effectors

Add ons

And more…

SMARCOS actuator in action