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Hardware and software design for exoskeletons are at the core of our technical expertise. We offer custom electronics design services to best fit any project’s requirements whether it is a new design or an existing design where only custom-shaped electronics based on our proven schematics are needed. Our team will ensure that a more ergonomic, lightweight, and compact design will be achieved by perfectly matching electronics to the mechanics. Our services cover all aspects of the electronics design process from the concept prototyping phase, up to manufacturing and outsourcing, always considering time and development cost boundaries. More details on the ELECTRONICS page in our shop.


Market-available sensors most of the time do not fit exoskeleton design requirements due to weight, space availability, or price. Our team can develop custom force, torque, and position sensors to overcome these common challenges in exoskeleton development. On top of that, we will ensure that our sensors will come with all the electronics required to get the final data digitally. An example of a Multi-Axis Force sensor for Human-Robot Interaction sensing for ALTACRO robotic rehabilitation device that was developed using our technology can be found here.


For prototyping and quick system development, we recommend the use of SMARCOS actuators. These SAMRT actuators are built with an exoskeleton development in mind respectively these integrate all the electronics and sensors to provide safe and reliable operation. However, if the SMARCOS solution is too generic for a particular reason, we can adapt the SMARCOS actuator design to satisfy other requirements or come up with other innovative solutions and create a new actuator.


We are open to collaborations on research and development projects where our technology can be of added value. As a market-oriented technology provider partner, we can contribute from the concept of a proposal, submission, implementation, and transition of the project outcomes toward the market. For Example, the Exaosafe leg replica is a reference project where SMARCOS hardware and Software were integrated. It was a limited resources project yet with achieved great results.

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