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We have developed human-centered robotics for more than a decade. Our aim is to share our technology with researchers and developers by providing the hardware needed to advance human robotics research and accelerate the development of wearable and collaborative robots.

Smart actuators

Dedicated plug and play modules for human-centered robotic systems including powered exoskeletons, assistive and rehabilitation devices, cobots and humanoids.


Custom developed electronics for sensor data acquisition and motor control using distributed real time network communication technologies.


Position, Velocity, Force and Torque sensors to ensure safety and comfort of human-robot interaction. 

Smart compliant actuators

Powerful yet safe SMART actuators with the focus on quick integration, ease of use and low cost development of human-centered robotic applications.

exoskeleton smart actuator


If Embedded Hardware, Sensor Data Acquisition, Low Level Real-Time Control, Distributed Communication Network, Motor Driver is something that you need, then our Low Level Controller might be the right solution for you.


Developed for our prototypes and products but straightforward to integrate in yours.

SMARCOS actuator in action

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