Now that the EXOSAFE project is complete and the patenting is in place we are happy to introduce the mechatronic leg replica developed using SMARCOS hardware and software components.

One of the main goals of the EXOSAFE project was to develop a mechatronics leg replica to benchmark human-exoskeleton interaction. The intended use of this device is to assist exoskeleton developers when testing for safety new designs and controls without involving humans.

Funded by COVR project, the EXOSAFE team has developed a robotic human-like leg able to replicate human joint dynamics and measure the interaction forces with external exoskeletons. SMARCOS team has developed the knee joint torque-controlled actuator and the electronics to acquire the data from the multiple force sensors integrated into the robotic leg. As in many other projects, EtherCAT has been selected as the main communication protocol such that the leg replica could be easily integrated into various test setups. Respectively, high-level control can be made in any EtherCAT-enabled environment, including MATLAB Simulink, for real-time control and data acquisition.

Currently, the EXOSAFE leg replica is being used to benchmark existing exoskeletons on the market.

For more info or a customized robotic leg replica prototype please contact us.





EXOSAFE project was funded by COVR (Being safe around collaborative and versatile robots in shared spaces)

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