Human centered robotics is about safe collaboration between humans and robots. To accelerate the development of this robotics technology, human-human collaboration becomes crucial first. In our team, we strongly believe that great results can be obtained faster if working together with partners. Using SMARCOS actuation technology a wide range of end user robotic applications can be developed. Months or even years in R&D can be saved by using plug and play actuator modules.

We are looking for SME companies and university research groups in the fields of human centered robotics developing exoskeletons, medical and rehabilitation devices, cobots or humanoids, willing to boost their projects by using our plug and play technology and expertise.

We are not looking to simply sell our products but looking to support and stand next to our partners making sure that safe and reliable products are emerging from the labs to the market. Where applicable, SMARCOS team is open to join consortia developing next generation human centered robotics for R&D and SME project calls.

If you have an ongoing project or a new idea of a robotic system that needs lightweight motors, real time embedded hardware and a reliable partner, we invite you to get in contact with us. Groups focusing on software development, with limited expertise in mechanical or electronics design are also welcome to join our partner network, we can help building the prototype and make it ready for their magic.

Passionate robotics engineers, developing hardware, electronics or software, are welcome to join our team. To find more about available opportunities, get in contact with us.

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